Snowy Creek Show Team

End of a long weekend, with lots of smiles

Morgan Correll, and Moves Like Jagger

Morgan is going to be showing in the Childrens Hunters this year and the 15-17, and medals 


Love the friendships these girls have forged and the support they give each other

Pictures coming soon of Finley, Kenzie, and Ana.........

Eliza Huegerich and Doublemint

Eliza was the walk trot princess this year, and will be our girl in the cross rail division next year.

Mary Prather Huegerich and Doublemint

made their debut this year very successfully in the cross rail divisions, and is moving up this year.


Natalie Orlowski, and Top Notch Peek a Boo

Natalie just moved up to the 12-14s and has pony finals as a goal this year in the larges and also the green mediums.