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Am I ready to lease or 1/2 lease?


What to do? Although you can find horses or ponies for sale almost anywhere, finding the one most suitable for your rider is an entirely different matter. Snowy Creek families have the benefit of our expertise and connections within the horse community to make this very important decision and investment. We will locate a mount that best suits your needs and fits your budget.

Lease or Buy? Typically our riders move quickly through the lower levels; progressing from Cross Rails, to the 2’ and then the 2’6 in approximately three – four years. During this time it is best for their progression to be mounted on at least three different mounts, which makes leasing the most sense for most families.

Starting out… I use the bike analogy; start with a tricycle, then a bike with training wheels, moving up to a three speed. These horses are invaluable in the training of our riders as steady, and predictable mounts, valued more for their disposition than for their athleticism.

Moving up… Once riders are at or beyond the 2’6 level, they are ready for a kind horse with a great disposition also valued for their athletic ability. The price increases and varies greatly for these guys, based on this quality, and ability. Our policy is that all of our horses and ponies that jump 2’6 and above be fully leased or owned. The work load is too much for them to be shared by more than one rider. Riders typically will start out at the 3’ with their 3’6 horse and move up when ready, keeping this mount for the remainder of their junior career. For this reason, it makes more sense for most to finally make the purchase.

Approximate Monthly Maintenance Expenses Board/Lease Program Cost

Base Board Rate$900/month

Additional lessons $200

Blacksmith Service every 4 to 6 weeks $165 /average

Veterinary Care Typical (may vary with procedures done)$350/3months

De-worming Typical (as needed)$60 year

Dental Care Typical- once or twice a year$100/yearly

Body Clipping- (twice/year at $175 ea.)

Life & Major Medical Insurance (may vary by horse) $1000/yr average

Meds & Supplies (poly/depo/etc) $200/month

Approximate Totals $1500 and up


The price of your horse or pony will vary greatly depending on overall quality, level of experience and training, age and health. The more risks you, the buyer, are willing to take, the less expensive the animal will be. Fewer risks mean more expense. There are many factors involved in the purchase process. Our years of experience will serve you well as we team up with you. It’s our job to help you navigate the decision-making process and help you sort through every detail of your choice, including what you can and should live with (as well as what you can’t and shouldn’t)!

Leasing… While your rider is increasing her knowledge, it is important to have a comparable mount, one that isn’t too much horse to handle, yet is comfortable and competitive for the year that you are riding. Entry level full leases run between $6k- 15k /year, plus expenses. They are great stepping stones for your rider. Occasionally the animal you are leasing for a certain lease fee is capable of advancing. Typically the lease fee is increased when the level of the job required of the horse/pony increases to compensate on the wear and tear of the animal. For example- the lease fee for a pony doing the short stirrup and children’s pony division both of which are either non-rated or C rated might be $5-10k but the lease for same pony when the rider moves up to the regular pony division ( which is A rated) increases to $20-$30 and up. Or a super fancy 3′ hunter capable of the 3’6 could be leased for $25-30k for the 3′ job and when that rider moves up to the 3’3-3’6 the lease increase to $50k and up.

We have some wonderful horses available for full lease, ask your instructor for more information. We have many entry level horses for full lease at $6k- 15k /year, plus expenses. We also look off the farm if we don’t have what you need . Doing so requires us to utilize our network of contacts and dig deep to ensure that the horse is properly represented and is appropriate for our rider. Snowy Creek charges a 15% commission in addition to the lease fee for this service, regardless if we find the ideal horse the first time out or spend months with countless trips in search of the right one. Horses being leased by one Snowy Creek family from another split the fee, with each party paying Snowy Creek 7.5% in addition to the lease. We don’t charge a commission for Snowy Creek owned horses that are leased by our families.

Note that there are also additional expenses when we look off the farm; additional vetting unknown animals, shipping, trial leases, and our travel expenses. If you’re not ready for full leasing or owning, another option is outside or inside half-leasing…

Half-leasing… Share one of Snowy Creeks lesson horses. Half-leasing entitles each student the use of this horse three days per week. Typically our riders take two lessons per week on their half leased mount and then hack (practice on the flat) on Sunday. The opportunity to lesson weekly and form a bond gives our rider a greater sense of confidence. This is most noted when our riders compete at shows. The commitment to half-leasing is more cost effective for those who show consistently, avoiding the day lease fee. It also is the easiest way to start; all horse related expenses are included in one fee.

In Barn 1/2 Lease

We have developed a new system to clarify our School Horse lease program. Two tiers of Leases- Showing and in barn. The in barn half lease is a flat monthly fee that includes everything- board, shoes, vet, lease fee, etc. for a monthly fee of $725 which includes one lesson a week, 2nd lesson an additional $200. we require a min of a 4 month commitment on an in barn lease.

In Barn Show 1/2 Lease

If you are interested in Showing this lease fee includes the same 3 days with one lesson, Half-leasing also entitles each student their use, three days per week, However, there are additional cost aside from the lease fee for these mounts; board, shoeing, vet, major medical insurance, supplements etc. which are split in half. (this runs approx $950 a month

Day Lease… For those not able to make the commitment to full or half leasing , we offer a day lease for off the farm events. $100/day plus all expenses associated with showing.

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